Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Brick Fantasy" series

"Brick Fantasy #6: Complexity" above is part of an eight-image series fused with an eight-word poem, organized into four pairs of words and images.

Originally created in 2009, I wasn't satisfied with it and reworked it in 2010. Three of the images were replaced, one image was moved and re-named, and six of the eight words were replaced. Although I've exhibited individual images in a few group exhibits, the entire set has never been shown. It's less abstract and more poetic than most of my work, a bit of a throwback to earlier work, so it won't be included in any one-person exhibits, but it may fit into a three or four-person exhibit somewhere.

Perhaps the whole set will never be exhibited as I designed it - it has yet to catch the same attention as the rest of my work. Perhaps after a while I too will lose interest!